Precious Stones

Precious stones and metals

We have a number of reliable suppliers of precious stones and metals in Mozambique and Africa. We sell directly to stone cutters, refineries in and around the world.

We source legal rough/uncut precious stones and metals directly from Small and Medium sized Miners in Africa.

These include:

  • Diamonds
  • Ruby’s
  • Gold
Mozambique Ruby’s
  • The Mozambique deposit near Montepuez has now joined an elite club.
  • In just six years, an unprecedented quantity of fine stones has entered the market in almost unheard-of sizes.
  • What this means for the market is incredible.
  • It allows ruby to be used in previously unheard of ways.
  •  Mozambique ruby has silk. It also has more iron than the Burma stone, which shifts the color away from purple to more of a straight red.
  • That iron does quench the fluorescence a bit, but there is not as much as we find in Thai/ Cambodian rubies.
  •  So the Mozambique stone is somewhere in between a mixture of the best features of each, a Thai ruby that appears Burmese, a Burmese ruby that appears Thai

Difference Between Burma and Moz Rubies

  • One major difference between Burma and Mozambique is the strength of color.
  • The color of Mogok stones tends to improve with size, whereas the Moz ruby’s sweet spot is in the smaller end of the range, with stones of ten carats or more tending to go a bit dark.
  • Of course Mogok rubies of large size are practically impossible to find as most are full of cracks.
Are you a supplier?

We are interested to work with sellers that are capable to supply on a regular basis, every month or every two weeks quality and size for rough and polished ruby :

  • We are looking for natural stones of top quality designated for jewellery.
  • We do not deal with low quality or industrial stones.
  • Ruby need to have a very good colour (deep red for ruby), good clarity and with a commercial shape.
  • The size of a single rough stone of ruby and emerald should be 1 gram minimum up to 25 grams maximum.
  • The most commercial stone we require for polished should be between 2 ct. to 25 ct.
  • We are interesting in purchasing also sapphires, emeralds, spinel, deep blue aquamarine, green and pink garnet, spinel (red and pink) and alexandrite (minimum 75% colour change, oval shape).

Mozambique Diamonds

Some History on the Mozambique Diamonds

Diamonds mining is focused in Gaza Province. (The Save River valley is considered to be prospective for diamonds and the river forms the northern border of Gaza and Inhambane, as well as the southern border of Manica and Sofala.)

Mozambique, the National Director of Mines last week confirmed that diamondshad been discovered in the Massangena district of the Gaza Province.

Are you a supplier?
  • We are looking for gem quality natural rough diamonds. We buy mixed parcels, both in colour, clarity and size. The sizes have to be between 3 ct.- 40 ct. clarity VS and above, colour H and above.
  • Again, the diamonds have to be 100% natural rough, not KM / HPHT / CVD or DLC treated.
  • An example of a mixed parcel: A few stones 3-10 ct., a few stones 10-20 ct., a few stones 20-30 ct., a few stones 30-60 ct.
  • 95%-100% of the parcel could be regular white stones and it will be good if we can get a percentage of red, pink, blue, orange, golden, purple, green and yellow (vivid or canary, no light yellow) inside the mixed parcel. The colours can be light medium or deep.
  • We do not deal with low quality industrial stones or with stones that are not transparent.
  • We are looking for competitive prices.

Mozambique Gold

Some History on the Mozambique Gold

The potential of this greenstone belt has not been fully exploited and it is anticipated that gold output could increase to between 5 – 10t per year dependent on the amount of adequate investment. Principal alluvial deposits have been located within the Revue, Inhamurra, Muza and Chimezi rivers. An estimated resource potential of these alluvial deposits amounts to 112 million m3 at an average grade of 0.25g/m3, yielding approximately 25 t of gold.

The Niassa province in the northwest of Mozambique has seen an increase in gold exploration and mining, in particular by artisanal workers. Gold is located within structurally controlled quartz veins located within Palaeo Proterozoic greenstone belts located close to the shores of Lake Nyasa. Currently all gold production in this region comes from artisanal alluvial workings that grade at between 0.5 – 3 g/m3.

Are you a supplier?

We are in the market for all forms of Raw gold.